CSC – Project NOAH Update



As winter approaches here in the northern hemisphere, many of our snakes become less active. But some of the smaller species are more often observed at this time of year. Because they have a much smaller mass to heat up, they can move about more readily during cooler temperatures. These smaller snakes are often mistakenly identified as baby snakes (occasionally it is a baby snake) by people who have found them out foraging in the cooler weather. Earthsnakes, wormsnakes, Dekay’s brownsakes, ring-necked and red-bellied snakes (seen above) are often much easier to find at this time of year. So keep your eyes peeled and remember…the herping ain’t over just because it is a little cooler out.

Please join me in wishing CSC founder and executive director Cameron Young a very Happy Birthday! We hope you will have many more to come too!

Project Noah and the Center for Snake Conservation are active partners in helping with the conservation of snakes. It is our goal to educate people about the need and importance of snakes and ways to safely observe them. We hope you’ll support us on this mission by joining Project Noah today and adding your snake spottings to the Snakes of the United States -CSC mission.

This week finds our Project Noah-CSC SNakes of the United States mission at 2679 spottings. We now have 1064 PN users, an addition of 63 new members. Thank you to all who have contributed!

Our spotting of the week is this beautiful environmental portrait by PN member JeffreyDuby of a Florida banded water snake.

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