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As snake week continues, we want to remind you to remember to send in your data. The Snake Count is a first step towards understanding the conservation needs of snakes.  We need your help to make it successful.  We are excited to partner with Project Noah ( to help collect and manage data.  Project Noah is a GREAT tool to explore and document wildlife and a platform to harness the power of citizen scientists everywhere.  Sign up and download their free smartphone app today.  Do not worry; we will still accept data via email, our online webform, or hardcopy if you do not have a smartphone or GPS.  This count is going to be incredible!  Check out the FAQ page on to help you have a great Snake Count.  This next week will be a very exciting one here at the CSC and I sincerely hope you can share in our excitement!

Our featured Project NOAH snake today, finds us traveling the globe to the Philippines where the unusual and totally aquatic little wart snake lives. Be sure to check out the series of photos by PN member ZebulonHoover.

One of the wonderful things about Project NOAH is the opportunity to see amazing animals and plants from around the world and to connect with the people who spotted them.  In one of our blogs last year, herpetologist Aaron Goodwin explored, ” Snakes in Mythology, Religion and Folklore”. Check out the link below to learn more:


Lisa Powers

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