Amazon Tree Boa – Sleeping Beauty

As I was walking out the door this morning as the very early hour of 5:45am, I quickly check the snakes to make sure everyone was okay and did not need anything. Our Amazon Tree Boa was sleeping perched high in her inclosure and screamed “take my picture”. I titled this horrible cell phone photo “sleeping beauty” because this snake while dull yellow and an unpredictable attitude is just that – a sleeping beauty.

Center for Snake Conservation

Amazon Tree Boa

The Amazon Tree Boa is a fairly commonly found serpent in the Amazon Basin of South America. Although it can be active during the day, they are primarily nocturnal. Adults are usually less than 6 feet long. They are often found at night in trees where they mostly feed on rodents. They come in multiple patterns and color phases, including red, yellow, brown, or gray.

About Center for Snake Conservation

The Center for Snake Conservation is a non-profit organization for the conservation of all snakes and their natural ecosytems. Our mission is to promote the conservation of snakes and their natural ecosystems and implement positive change in human attitudes towards snakes.

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