CSC-Project NOAH Update


  It always surprises me when one of my non-snake loving friends sees a photo like the western coachwhip tail pictured above and says, “Wow, that is so cool.  You always make snakes look so beautiful.” All I have done is capture the beauty of the animal as I see it. Snakes are truly creatures of great beauty yet when we always post photos of them in defensive positions, all people think of is fear. Consider this a challenge to put more art in your snake photos!

This week finds our Project Noah-CSC SNakes of the United States mission at 2478 spottings.. We now have 958 PN users, an addition of 19 new members.

Our spotting of the week is this gorgeous Speckled Rattlesnake by member TorreyNeel

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  1. Yes! I love this idea. If people can be caught by the beauty of snakes, instead of by their fear of them I think curiosity will replace fear.

    Here is my attempt at your challenge:

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