Snake Count is happening NOW!


Greetings Folks,

So sorry to have not posted for a few weeks, but I have been in the mountains of east Tennessee and Virginia where internet has been sporadic at best, but salamanders were quite plentiful! The above photo is of the majestic Yonahlossee salamander.

Today is day 2 of the CSC snake count and Project NOAH is so excited to be a part of this. We are getting ready for our trip to snake road next week and are excited to meet with members of our PN community. If you are unable to attend this event, you should consider having an event of your own! In our PN blog this week, Cameron Young tells how to go out and spot some snakes!

In the past three weeks at Project Noah, the Snakes of the United States – Center for Snake Conservation (CSC) mission finds an addition of 228 new spottings bringing the total number of snake spottings to 1,842. We have also added an amazing 162 new members to the mission in the past 3 weeks, bringing the total to 782 users.  Thank you to everyone who has joined, shared the site and is contributing to this important mission!

The Project Noah: CSC-Snakes of the United States Mission Spotting of the week is this terrific photo of 3 Northern ring-necked snakes found beneath artificial cover by Project NOAH member s.eric.preston . Artificial cover, such as roofing tin or untreated plywood can be used to attract snakes and other reptiles and amphibians to your yard.

 And since I skipped a couple weeks, I thought I would throw in a couple of extra spottings this week.

The eastern diamond-backed rattlesnake is our largest venomous snake in the United States. This beauty was spotted by PN member vonhandorfa.

The beautiful, harmless and gentle mudsnake is a favorite of snake lovers everywhere. PN user lewisbioed spotted this beauty in North Carolina.

Now lets see the PN-CSC Snake Count mission numbers climb sky high this week. Get out there and find some snakes. Be sure to post them to Project Noah and don’t forget to add them to the CSC-Snakes of the United States mission!

Happy Spotting!


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