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CSC-Snakes of the United States mission, Project Noah weekly report 02/22/2013


Greetings Snake Lovers,

This week at Project Noah, the Snakes of the United States – Center for Snake Conservation (CSC) mission has had an addition of 24 new spottings bringing the total number of snake spottings to 1,363. We added 17 new members to the mission, bringing the total to 608 users. Thank you to everyone who has joined and is contributing to this important mission!

The Project Noah: CSC-Snakes of the United States Mission Spotting of the week is this very pretty little sharp-tailed snake by bwitzkestudio. The sharp-tailed snake is found in California, Oregon, Washington up into British Colombia. Although a common snake, it is seldom seen out in the open. It feeds upon slugs and other invertebrates, using its sharp tail to help stabilize its food.


Please consider becoming a Project Noah member (it is free) and help make the world a better and safer place by educating the world about snakes! (We do make provisions for sensitive species asking that you merely record the nearest large town/community.)

Our goal is conservation through education. Let’s see if we can build our membership before the spring CSC snake count so that we can educate more people. My challenge to you is to get at least 2 friends to join Project Noah, post to the Snakes of the Untied Snakes mission and the get them to challenge 2 of their friends to do the same! Snakes are often unnecessarily feared and we can help change the human perception through our postings on Project Noah. http://www.projecthoah.org

Happy Herping!