CSC-Snakes of the United States mission, Project Noah weekly report 02/08/2013

Hi Folks,

I took a couple weeks off since snake spottings were slow and I needed to get organized for the coming field season. Project Noah and the CSC are planning some exciting features and events for the coming year! I am also pleased to announce that Project Noah won a couple of prestigious worldwide honors! Project Noah is the #1 educational app in the world! We are very excited to announce that we have been chosen as Global Champion for the m-Learning & Education category at the World Summit Awards held in Abu-Dhabi. We also picked up an award for being one of the 5 finalists in this category. And with terrific partners like the Center for Snake Conservation, we are certainly sure to garner more positive recognition in the future.

This week at Project Noah, I am pleased to report that the Snakes of the United States – Center for Snake Conservation (CSC) mission has had an addition of 53 new spottings bringing the total number of snake spottings to 1,329. I am also pleased to report we added 36 new members to the mission, bringing the total to 584 users.

The Project Noah: CSC-Snakes of the United States Mission Spotting of the week is this fantastic photo of a northern copperhead curled up on a timber rattlesnake at a hibernaculum in Georgia. These snakes often den together for the winter and may also cohabit with some nonvenomous species.

Congratulations and thanks to CSC-Project Noah member DantheMan!

Please consider becoming a Project Noah member (it is free) and help make the world a better and safer place by educating the world about snakes! (We do make provisions for sensitive species asking that you merely record the nearest large town/community. Our goal is conservation through education.

The Center for Snake Conservation needs your help to collect distributional data for all wild snakes in the United States. Please record all snakes including any snakes found dead on a road or elsewhere. Please include additional information about your spotting that can help us understand a bit more about the snake. As we collect spottings, we can increase our knowledge about snakes and help educate others that view our photos. Snakes are often unnecessarily feared and we can help change the human perception through our postings on Project Noah.

And just a final shout out to the CSC for featuring women and snakes…what an inspirational feature!

Thanks, Lisa Powers

Project Noah – CSC Coordinator

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