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Women and Snakes – February 1, 2013

Heather Young – Center for Snake Conservation

Heather is the “behind the scenes” support, organizational wizard, and accountant for the Center for Snake Conservation.  Her unwavering support and tolerance for the CSC’s Founder and his propensity to disappear into the field searching for snakes has ensured the early success of the CSC.  Although you will rarely see her with snakes, Heather is a strong supporter of their conservation and educating children and adults about their fascinating life histories.  You can help support her efforts for snake conservation by becoming a member of the Center for Snake Conservation today.

February is “Women and Snakes” Month

The Center for Snake Conservati0n has dedicated February to the women who study snakes or educate people about their amazing natural histories.  Each day, we will briefly highlight one woman, what she is doing for snake conservation, and how you can help her achieve her goals for snake conservation.

Do you know of an extraordinary woman who is making huge strides in snake conservation?  If so, please nominate her to become one of our daily features so we can help her achieve her goals by spreading the word about her research, educational program, or conservation effort.  Email your nomination along with a photo of them in action to info@snakeconservation.org for consideration.

Unnamed participant at a Center for Snake Conservation Educational Program – July 2011