Education Leads Directly to Snake Conservation

ImageSnakes are integral and critical components of our natural ecosystems but are often ignored during conservation efforts.  We can change this by talking about snakes every chance we can.  Tell a friend, family member, or someone you do not know about the Center for Snake Conservation and check out their reaction.  Was it positive or fearful?  Snakes often solicit emotional responses in humans.  If the person was fearful, ask them to visit our Snake of the Day website ( to learn about some of the snakes in their backyard.  You will be surprised how far a little education can help shift emotions from fear to fascination.  This shift will create additional opportunities to educate more people about the roles snakes play in our world.  Only then can we affect change in the conservation actions for snakes.  Think about it the next time you see this person and they tell you how the rescued a snake from certain death on a road instead of aiming for it with their tires.  We can do this but the Center for Snake Conservation needs your help.  Conservation Through Education – Let’s Make Snakes Matter!

 Here is a comment we received recently that drives home this message:


“A success story for you.


I’m a high school soccer referee. I was at the the Loveland Sports Park in Loveland earlier this week to referee a game. During warmups 3 soccer balls ended up behind one of the goals. A number of people gathered around, but no one was picking up the balls. I went over and there was a snake next to the balls.

I had gone to the presentation you put on at REI in Boulder recently. Instead of panicking, I was more interested in looking at the snake. It was probably a bull snake. It was curled up and more scared of us than we were of it. Everyone backed away form the snake and it crawled off, allowing the balls to be retrieved.

So, thanks for the class at REI and changing my attitude about snakes.”


About Center for Snake Conservation

The Center for Snake Conservation is a non-profit organization for the conservation of all snakes and their natural ecosytems. Our mission is to promote the conservation of snakes and their natural ecosystems and implement positive change in human attitudes towards snakes.

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  1. It really is amazing just how much impact a small amount of knowledge can have on an individual. This shift in perception is all it takes yet often, especially for adults, even this is too much. I think we have to commend this soccer referee for his open mindedness and willingness to learn. Well done to the CSC on the excellent work!!

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