Southeast Partners in Amphibian and Reptile Conservation (SEPARC)

Move over birds, there’s a new count in town.

For over 100 years, the Audubon Society has hosted the Annual Christmas Eve Bird Count, an event where tens of thousands of citizen scientists gather data each year to assist in monitoring bird populations. Now, a new citizen science initiative, spearheaded by the Center for Snake Conservation (CSC), is focusing on scaly wildlife.

The 1st Annual Spring Snake Count will take place from May 12th through May 20th, 2012. The data collected during the counts will help CSC determine the distribution and status of the almost 300 species and subspecies of snakes across the United States. Last fall, the CSC held their 1st Annual Fall Snake Count, and recorded over 43 species in 31 states with the help of volunteers. The CSC is now hoping to document every species in North America.

To assist in snake conservation, all you need is at least 15 minutes, the Snake…

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About Center for Snake Conservation

The Center for Snake Conservation is a non-profit organization for the conservation of all snakes and their natural ecosytems. Our mission is to promote the conservation of snakes and their natural ecosystems and implement positive change in human attitudes towards snakes.

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